Cherrylicious BBW: Bubble Butt Pear

Bubble Butt Pear

Cherrylicious BBW entered the contest like a storm out of nowhere. She slowly picked up momentum by captivating and demanding the member’s attention. She was the first bubble butt pear to actually dethrone Big Ass Ann for a week to sit on top in first place. Each week she began to show the members just why she deserved to be in the contest as a formidable contestant.

If there were any contestant ready to be a webModel, it would hands down be Cherrylicious BBW. Not only does she have the looks, she knows what she is doing; and need we even mention the amazing things she can do with her body. Probably the most impressive thing about Cherrylicious BBW, is the idea that she was able to enter the Mega Butt Pics contest, which we all know is a site that caters towards not just big butt lovers, but SSBBW lovers obviously, and nonetheless she was still able to captivate and demand the attention of our members not being a SSBBW herself.

As much as we hoped for her and wished her to do well as she certainly deserved, we would have assumed that anyplace winner would have had to been a SSBBW, and she certainly proved us absolutely and completely wrong. We are so glad to have been wrong because she certainly deserves to be a top place winner and warrants every vote she got indeed. Cherrylicious BBW definitely proved herself as a formidable contestant and worth of every bit of her place winning.

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